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int main inside int main()

Hello Everyone!!! In this module, we are going to try one experiment with Recursion. Intro Do you know what happens when we call the main inside main()?? If yes, you are welcome & if no, we are going to try the main inside main() experiment now. Let's Go!!! Code Here, I have used pointer of main & assigned an integer of 7 to it. Finally printed the main. Let's see the output. Output Here we go!! It prints the integer value stored at the address of the "main" pointer. Outro If you like this experiment with recursion, share with your friends & leave your valuable suggestions and reviews below. Thank You!!!
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How To Convert Integer Into ASCII Value Using C Program ?

Hi Everyone!!! At the end of this module, you will be able to get ASCII value from Integer using a C program. Intro There are many hidden tricks in C that are very useful and simple to use. Now, we are going to code a C program that converts an integer into ASCII value. Let's Go. Logic Declare a character variable Store character value to that variable from the user ("%c") Print the ASCII value ("%d") Program Output Trick Here is a trick. When we convert a character value into an integer by using ("%s" to "%d"), GNU Compiler prints the ASCII value assigned to that character. This conversion is known as Type-Casting in programming. Outro If you like it, please share it with your friends and leave your comments below. Thank You!!!

How To Control & Specify Decimal Points of Float or Double Data Types in C?

Hello Everyone!!! Welcome Back!!! At the end of this module, you will be able to control and specify decimal points in float or double data types in C. Intro Many times, we use float data type to represent any result like CGPA marks, statistical data, average or any other data. While representing this data with float, the result will be shown in 6 decimal digits like 1.000000. We are going to code that can specify the decimal digits as our needs and requirements like 1.00 result. Let's See the Before and After Effects Before: I have created one float variable "a" which holds the value of 1. In the next line, I have printed "a". Let's see the output. Here, it prints useless 6 decimal digits. While we want to print mathematical data like the average of marks, it will be very awkward to print 6 decimal digits. So, it can be avoided by the trick given below. After: Trick: Insert the dot and number of decimal digits you want

Top 7 Trending Programming Languages To Learn in 2020 | New Year GiveAway

Hello Everyone!!! In this module, I will tell you the top trending and in-demand programming languages to learn in 2020. New Year GiveAway | Ethical Hacking Course Worth Rs. 12800 | Click Here Intro We have entered the new phase of the revolutionary world of artificial intelligence. It is important to learn some programming languages that can pay you in 2020. Top 7 CountDown 7. PHP PHP — Personal Home Page Server Scripting Language Web Oriented Language Designed for manipulating the information on websites Allows to add dynamic information to the web very easily & great at manipulating databases 7% of the web is made with PHP. Wikipedia & Facebook are made with PHP 6. Javascript Simple Web Programming Language A Powerful programming language used on nearly every website of world Cool & interactive effects on website 5. HTML & CSS HTML — HyperText Markup Language & CSS — Cascading Style Sheets For creating web pages HTML p

🔥 Top 10 🔥 Most Useful Coding Tools & Resources Every Programmer 👨🏻‍💻 Should Know

Hello Everyone!!! In this post, I will tell you some awesome tools that every programmer should know. These tools are very useful & can increase your productivity. Intro The tools are sorted on the basis of their use. These tools can increase your productivity, save your time & much more !!! There are top 3 platforms in each category & web URL is attached to it. 10. Learning Platforms  Udemy YouTube Udacity 9. Discussion Platforms Stack Overflow GitHub Stack Exchange 8. Competitive Programming  HackerRank HackerEarth CodeChef 7. Personal Profile Portfolio Wix Strikingly Square Space 6. Databases  FireBase Realm MySQL 5. FrontEnd Website Builders WordPress Wix Squarespace 4. Design Tools  Canva Sketch Adobe Photoshop 3. Design Resources FreePik Flat Icon Color Hunt 2. Team & Project Management Slack Trello Atlassian Jira 1. Code Management DropBox Atlassian GitHub To Sum It

Why Flowcharts & Algorithms are important before coding problem?

Hello Everyone!!! While solving any problem, it is very important to understand the problem. So, it is necessary to break down the problem into small aspects. Intro In this post, you will be able to understand the problem with the use of Algorithm and Flowchart by breaking down the problem into various steps. Algorithm It is a set of all detailed instructions of the given problem statement. It is necessary to get the outline of the given problem statement. It is step by step process to solve the problem logically. Flowchart It is generally the graphical representation of the algorithm. It is more effective than the algorithm. In the flowchart, inputs/outputs are represented by parallelogram, start/end represented by an ellipse,  process represented by a rectangle. These elements are connected through the arrows i.e. flow of problem. How To Do? It is necessary to break down the problem into small pieces. Follow the steps given below. Get a problem statement T

How To Install Cocoa Pods?

Hello Everyone!!! In this tutorial, we are going to install cocoa pods to use them in our project. Intro Cocoa Pods are basically providing readymade external libraries coded with ruby. They are used only with Apple Platforms. They are created in Ruby language and used in Swift & Obj-C programming language. For More Info, Visit Official Site - COCOA PODS Get Started Open Terminal -> Keyboard Shortcut (CTRL + ALT + T). When the terminal gets open, don't change the directory, to avoid errors later on. How To Install? For installing cocoa pods, we need to be a SUPERUSER. So, we are using the SUDO command to install the cocoa pods. DCs-MacBook-Air:~ Dhanraj$ sudo gem install cocoapods After typing this command, it will ask you to provide the Admin Device Password. Enter the admin device password. It won't show any character or text fields, because of password protection. Your account should be the main admin account to install the coc